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Orders are processed faster and take priority when placed directly through this secured website. Orders over the phone will not have priority over website orders. We do not ship internationally due to extremely high shipping costs, but feel free to check with our Retailers section to find one that will.


Most answers can be found quickly using the following sections:
Instruction Sheets Section – This section provides all instructions for using each product.
Questions and Answers Section – This section contains questions from customers with answers from the company.
Articles Section – This section has useful tips and techniques from the actual fishing world.
Video Section – This section has YouTube videos on the how to use Off Shore Tackle Products.


Email complete details and contact information (mailing, shipping addresses and phone numbers) for your request. Due to the high volume of requests, you will only receive a response if we participate. Allow a minimum of 2 months advanced notice of request if needed by a certain date.


Off Shore Tackle Company LLC strives to sponsor anglers that only make a positive influence in the fishing industry. We hold all sponsored anglers to have the highest personal integrity by expecting the sponsored angler to uphold all rules of each and every event with the utmost personal respect. Do you have what it takes? If so, read on.

In order to be considered for individual sponsorship, you must submit a resume explaining how you would be an asset to our organization and include all of your contact information (mailing, shipping & email addresses as well as all phone numbers) to the appropriate DIRECTOR below.

Resume Deadline Each Year (mandatory for all current members and prospective members): Before October 1 each year. The information that you supply to us will be used for our decision for the FOLLOWING YEAR (ie We receive your information on August 15, 2010 – our decision will be based on a position for 2011).

Notification of Sponsorship Placement: By February 15 each year. (You will only be notified if you have been chosen to be placed on a program).

We have several programs that the directors choose from: VIP, Team Off Shore, Pro Staff and National Team. In order to even be considered for the National Team it is mandatory that you are an NPAA member in good standing at all times ( – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Michigan Residents

Tod Conner, Michigan Director

Ohio Residents

Julia Davis, Ohio Director

Minnesota and Wisconsin Residents

Ken Doepker, Minnesota and Wisconsin Director

Residents From States Other Than Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

Nick DeShano, Director